Dendrological park of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS was created in 1965 by the Order of the Ministers Rada of the USSR dated 13.09.1963 No. 1391-R and according to the decision of the Executive Committee of the Kherson Regional Workers Council dated 19.09.1963 No. 374. With accordance to decision of the Kherson Regional Executive Committee dated 04.12.1975 No. 651/24 the Dendropark obtained status of “Park-monument of the garden art of local value”.

The Dendropark was laid in the regular landscape style at the territory of 5.6 ha. Now the total park area is 4.2 ha. The park is in its primary plan. It consists of the main asphalted alley, surrounded with coniferous trees, 10 diagonal and perpendicular side alleys, most of which is tiled. There is a pool in the Nothern part of the park. There is a bust of Academician D.M. Prianishnikov at the main alley.


There are more than 130 species of trees and bushes introduced in the park. Dnipro birch, included into the Red Book of Ukraine, is among them. Also, there are noticed about 18 species of flower-ornamental plants, 46 species of wild-growing vascular plants and 23 species of lichens and lichen-fungi.

Plants you can see in the park:

1. Coniferous: eastern biota, western thuja, blue spruce, scots pine, savin juniper, red cedar, arizonic cypress, atlas cedar, yew, livanian cedar, crimean pine.

2. Deciduous trees: common oak, pyramidal oak, celreuteria panicle, sugar maple, common ash, spiraea Vanguttov, Japanese pagoda tree, common privet, littleleaf linden, black locust, common lilac, oleaster, yucca, deicia rough, oriental plane, common chubushnik, conker tree, fabacea anahiroleaf, guelder-rose, peonies tree, forsytia middle, Japanese tavolga, weigela flowery, common barberry.

3. Evergreen plants: boxwood, Oregon grape, blackberry, Gerald honeysuckles.

4. Endemics: low iris, Dnipro birch, meadow veronica, hexagonal stonecrop.

5. Medical plants: common sage, pot marigold, American pokeberry, purple coneflower, May bells.

6. Annual, two-year and perennial flowers: tagetes, sea cineraria, New-Belgium aster, rose mallow, gladiolus, chrysanths, goldmoss stonecrop, hybrid iris, celosia, aquilegia, kokhia, morning glories, rose mallows, careopsis, santolina, myrabelis, yucca, coneflowers, helenium, true lilies, salvia flowery, whiteweed, jewelweed, alyssum, hybrid coneflowers, periwinkle minor, periwinkle major.

The Dendropark is the base of the recreation value and for research works. Training of the post-graduate students, school students and other inhabitants  from Kherson and region are conducted there.

Collective of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS takes active care about the trees and flowers, grows seedlings of flowers, which is used for planting in the park.

The Dendropark is situated in the zone of high gas content and plays the role of the biological filter at the road Kherson-Kakhovka. Besides, the Dendropark of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS (together with botanical garden of the Kherson State Agricultural University and Park of the Internat-School No. 2) is a part of the nature reserve fund of Kherson and is the object of the local significance.

In 2014 in the honor of celebration the 125-anniversary of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS the memorable stela dedicated to the founders of irrigation in Ukraine has been solemnly opened.

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