Department of biotechnology, vegetable crops and potato

Балашова Галина Станіславівна

Head – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher 
Balashova Halyna Stanislavivna
Members of the Department:
Kosenko Nadiya Pavlivna – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher
Netis Valeriy Ivanovych – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher 
Kotova Olena Ivanivna – Researcher
Yuziuk Olesia Oleksandrivna – Researcher
Bondarenko Kateryna Oleksiivna – Researcher
Kotov Borys Serhiyovych – Researcher
Liashchenko Lidiya Hryhorivna – Technician
Stadnik Iryna Yuriivna – Laboratory Assistant
Types of services:
  • invigoration, recovery of productive qualities of potato varieties using biotechnological methods in order to obtain virus-free plants

  • consultation services and scientific assistance at cultivation technologies while potato production for various purposes:

  • early and ultra-early production;

  • marketable potato in summer crops and at the stage of biological ripeness of tubers for autumn-winter consumption;

  • potato seed material of higher categories by the method of double cropping; 

  • consultation services and scientific assistance of cultivation technologies at vegetable crops;

sales of potato seed material of higher categories, which are adapted to the conditions of the South, seeds of high reproductions of tomato varieties of industrial type, seeds of carrots, red beet, onions
Співробітники лабораторії    The main direction of scientific-technical activity of the department is plant breeding and seed production of vegetable crops; potato seed production in the conditions of irrigation in the South of Ukraine using a unique combination of biotechnological methods of invigoration of the source material (thermo-, chemotherapy, meristem culture in vitro) and the method of double cropping with its further reproduction in the field conditions, as well as the development and improvement of cultivation technology for production of marketable and seed potatoes and vegetables.
Лабораторія біотехнології картоплі    In the microclonal laboratory of the department, studies are directed to the optimization of the conditions of growth and development of the crop plants in vitro in order to obtain the maximum number of micro-tubers per unit of the laboratory area. The composition of the nutrient medium for in vitro is clarified, the optimum photo- and temperature regimes of cultivation are determined, techniques are developed in order to reduce, first of all, energy expenses for growing healthy source material of potato with no adverse effects on the final result. The studies on the introduction of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) at the territory of southern Ukraine have been started by the its introduction into in vitro cultivation in order to obtain healthy seed material of this rare plant.
     The method of adaptive tomato plant breeding is improved – the method of gametophytic and sporophytic plant breeding has been developed.
    Owing to the studies on the patterns of adaptation features formation and improvement of methodological approaches to the efficient use of genetic diversity in tomato plant breeding, a number of new varieties have been created, seven varieties among which: Naddniprianskyi 1, Kimmeriyets, Inhuletskyi, Sarmat, Taim, Lehin, Kumach, are listed in the State Register of plant varieties of Ukraine. Variety Yuvileinyi is under the State variety-testing. All the varieties are of intensive type, are sensitive to high levels of agrotechnology, irrigation. They are recommended for cultivation in the field conditions in the Steppe and Forest-Steppe zones. Plant breeders obtain original and elite seeds of tomato varieties of their own breeding.
Лабораторія біотехнології картоплі
     The scientists of the department have developed a scheme of the seed production process, which is an integral part of the "Regulation on the potato seed production in Ukraine". The scheme allows obtaining elite in the third year of reproducing at the double cropping method  that saves health of the plants during all the process of potato seed of higher categories production. The cost of super-elite and elite seeds, created in the South of Ukraine, is 12.3% and 11.4% lower than the cost of the corresponding category of imported potato seed material. The studies proved not only the principal possibility but also the economic feasibility of the creation of potato seed material of higher categories directly in the region.

Лабораторія біотехнології картоплі    The complex of technological methods for cultivation of seed potato at the summer planting with freshly harvested tubers has been developed, the dates, density, depth of tubers planting, method of using stimulants for interruption of the dormancy period, efficiency of cutting large tubers, protection against diseases, irrigation methods, including drip one, are determined. Industrial technology of tomato cultivation in case of direct sowing has been developed and introduced into production at the expense of selection of varieties of different groups of ripeness, seedling and direct sowing cultivation methods; the technology of cultivation of seeds of industrial tomato varieties at drip irrigation has been developed.

    New ways of planting and non-planting cultivation of red beet seeds at drip irrigation have been developed; resource-saving technology of onion seeds production, which involves the autumn planting of mother sowing; method of planting production of table carrot seeds at drip irrigation in southern Ukraine.

    Taking into account the climatic characteristics of the region, the department directs its research work to the possibility of obtaining the highest yield of early and ultra-early high quality potato. Methods of preparation of planting material, dates and ways of its planting are developed; the influence of various fore-crops and biological ameliorants on plant growth and development, infestation and productivity are determined.

    Potato and vegetable growers from Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhya oblasts are regular consumers of potato and vegetable seeds of higher categories that is created in the department, and use the results of scientific studies in order to obtain high and stable yields of qualitative products.

Head of the Department Balashova Halyna Stanislavivna: (050) 748-42-40
Лабораторія біотехнології картопліЛабораторія біотехнології картоплі
Лабораторія біотехнології картоплі
Лабораторія біотехнології картопліЛабораторія біотехнології картопліЛабораторія біотехнології картоплі
Лабораторія біотехнології картоплі