Department of crop production and non-irrigated agriculture

Сергій Олександрович ЗаєцьHead Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Sergiy Oleksandrovych Zaiets

  The main task of the department is development of innovative and improvement of resource-saving environmentally friendly technologies of cereal, oil and forage crops cultivation on the irrigated and non-irrigated lands of the South of Ukraine; development and improvement of modern systems of agriculture for the non-irrigated lands of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine; study of climate change in the region and development of measures in order to combat against its negative effect on agriculture and crops productivity.


Department staff: 


Goloborod`ko Stanіslav Petrovich Chief Researcher, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor
Zhujkov Oleksandr Ghennadijovych Chief Researcher, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Rudik Oleksandr Leonidovych Leading Researcher, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Kovalenko Anatolij Mykhajlovych Leading Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Kovalenko Alexey Anatolyevich Senior Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Novokhyzhniy Mykola Volodymyrovych Senior Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Onufran Ljudmyla Ivanivna Senior Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Juzjuk Serghij Mykolajovych Senior Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Fundyrat Kateryna Serghijivna Researcher
Muzyka Vitalij Jevghenovych Specialist
Adamik Tamara Fedorivna Laboratory assistant

Scientific activity is directed to:

  • theoretical substantiation of biological bases of production processes in new varieties of winter cereals and soybeans on the irrigated lands under the application of biological preparations and optimization of agrotechnological methods, as well as ecological bases for protection of cereals against harmful organisms in the conditions of irrigation and preservation of the environment;
  • working out innovative and improvement and wide implementation in production of varietal, resource-saving environmentally friendly technologies for cultivation of the major cereal, industrial and forage crops on the irrigated lands of the South of Ukraine and cultivation of seeds of leguminous and cereal perennial grasses based on the increase in productivity and maximum use of bioclimatic potential of the zone and genetically determined capacities of varieties and hybrids;
  • working out the sowing areas structure and formation of crop rotations, as well as systems of soil tillage for farms of different specialization and size of land use on the non-irrigated lands;
  • training of scientific staff of higher category;
  • enhancement of qualification of agricultural specialists;
  • information-consultative services and scientific support.

Main scientific achievements:

Відділ агротехнологій

  • scientific bases of formation and organization of field crop rotations for multi-branch farms of different specialization and farms with limited land-use sizes are worked out, as well as optimal ratio of grain and industrial crops in short crop rotations;
  • the constituents of winter wheat, winter barley and spring barley cultivation technologies are optimized based on the maximum usage of genetic potential of varieties and their adaptation to the arid conditions of the South of Ukraine, allowing optimization of the volumes of resource use at the crops cultivation and an increase in the level of production profitability;
  • local technologies of cereal and industrial crops cultivation in the irrigated conditions of the south of Ukraine are improved, in order to provide the optimization of the usage of material and technical resources at corn, winter wheat, winter barley, winter rape and soybeans cultivation that increases the profitability of their production;
  • environmentally friendly and economically reasonable technologies for winter wheat, winter barley, corn and soybeans cultivation in the irrigated conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine are worked out, allowing the optimization and improvement in the phytosanitary conditions of the crops and environmental safety;
  • the resource-saving technology of alfalfa seeds cultivation in the rain-fed conditions providing 0.15-0.20 t/ha of conditional seeds at the cost of 1 t within 1926.2 UAH and conditional net profit of 4534-5245 UAH/ha with the profitability of 293-340% has been worked out;
  • the processes of the influence of different types of crop rotations, systems of soil tillage and crops on water and nutritive regimes, soil moisture balance, dynamics of soil organic matter, changes in phytosanitary conditions of crops and soil in the non-irrigated conditions have been studied;
  • the cultivation technology of modern varieties of non-narcotic hemp, the production of which ensures manufacturing high-quality cellulose-containing materials, has been worked out;
  • the measures for combating negative effects of climate change on agriculture, crops, soil fertility and ecological-economic parameters of agrophytocenoses were worked out.Відділ агротехнологій