Breeding Department

Марченко Т.Ю.

Head – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Marchenko Tetiana Yuriivna 
Склад відділу:
Lavrinenko Yuriy Alexandrovich         Chief Scientific Officer, Academician of the NAAS, Doctor of Agriculture Sciences, professor
Bazalii Halyna Hryhoriivna 

Leading researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Tyshchenko Olena Dmytrivna 

Leading researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Borovyk Vira Oleksandrivna 

Leading researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Usyk Liudmyla Oleksandrivna 

Leading researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Tyschenko Andriy Viktorovich Senior Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Zhupyna Andrii Yuriiovych  Junior Researcher, graduate student
Zabara Pavlo Petrovych  Junior Researcher, graduate student
Kora Irina Vasyliyivna laboratory assistant
Plotnikova Svetlana Mykhailivna laboratory assistant
Grishina Valentina Julianovna laboratory assistant
Ghorjacheva Tetjana Viktorivna technician


The Breeding Department is the only research unit in the structure of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, where breeding in the irrigated conditions is performed.


Відділ     The main task of the Department is creation of new varieties and hybrids for irrigation conditions as well as for the rainfed conditions. Specialists of the Breeding Department  consult and support in questions of crops cultivation and seed-growing. Breeders of the Department collaborate with scientists of leading scientific institutions of the Academy system, viz. Institute of Agriculture of the Steppe Zone (Dnipro), Breeding-Genetics Institute (Odesa), Institute of Plant Science named by V.Ya. Yuriev (Kharkiv). Created varieties and hybrids breeded by the Breeding Department specialists every year occupy large part of the sown areas not only in the southern region, but also beyond it.

A lot of varieties and hybrids during the history of the Institute were considered as national standards: corn hybrid Perekop, soybean varieties – Diona, Yug 30 and Yug 40, winter wheat – Khersonska Bezosta, alfalfa varieties – Sinska, Unitro. Achievements of the Department breeders were awarded with State Awards. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Orliuk Anatolii Pavlovych was awarded with State Prize and was assigned with title of the Honored Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Lavrynenko Yurii Oleksandrovych is an active Corresponding Member of the NAAS.


Wheat Breeding Sector 


- Scientific support: recommendations, consultations in cultivation of high yields of new winter wheat (both soft and hard) varieties, crops and exhibits demonstrations.

- Analytical studies: biological peculiarities and economic characteristics of new varieties and their reaction to ecological conditions and cultivation technology.

- Products sell: original seed material.

 Відділ селекціїMajor direction of scientific researches of the Sector is development of the theoretical bases of breeding and creation of short-stemmed and medium-high varieties of soft winter wheat for irrigated and non-irrigated agriculture of the Steppe and Forest-steppe ecological zones of Ukraine.

Fundamental researches on questions of the genetic characteristics and properties of winter wheat, which define the adaptive and productive potential of this crop varieties and the quality of its grain have been performed.

The models were developed and soft winter wheat varieties were created for the irrigated conditions with yielding potential of 8.0-10.0 t/ha. Upon the conditions of performing the varietal agrotechnics elements mentioned yields are realized by 95-100%. These are varieties: Maria, Ovidii, Kohana, Blago, Konka, Rosynka, Burgunka, Anatoliia, Ledia, Khersonska Bezosta, Khersonska 99, which are included in the State Register of Plants Varieties of Ukraine. Koshova variety is under the State testing. The upper-mentioned varieties under the cultivation at the non-irrigated areas form yields of 7.0-7.5 t/ha (after fallow field), and in non-fallow previous crops – 4.0-5.0 t/ha. The characteristic feature of soft winter wheat varieties is their high resistance to abiotic and biotic environmental factors: low winter and high summer temperatures, pathogens spread in Ukraine, pathogens of powdery mildew, leaf rust, Fusarium, Septoria and others. The varieties belong to the strong and valuable wheats by the grain quality.

Відділ селекціїThe high-yielding, moderate winter-resistant and drought-tolerant varieties of hard winter wheat were created, which are able to provide yields of 7.0-7.5 t/ha at the irrigated fields, and of 4.0-4.5 t/ha at the non-irrigated ones after the best forecrops in the conditions of the South of Ukraine. These varieties are: Dnipriana, Kassiopeia, Andromeda, which are included in the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine. Created at the Institute hard winter wheat varieties form grain with high pasta qualities.

Research Officers have published more than 400 scientific works, including 10 books. 9 Authors’ Certificates and 13 Patents on the inventions have been assigned to the Sector researchers. For the high achievements in intensive winter wheat varieties breeding and development of scientific bases of breeding Doctor of Biological Sciences Orliuk Anatolii Pavlovych was awarded with title of the Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the Field of Science and Technology in 1997. In 2011 he has been assigned with title of the  Honored Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine.

Corn Breeding Sector 

vid sel2020 3Services:

- Accelerated reproduction and supply of the seed-growing farms with parent forms of perspective corn hybrids;

- Improvement and application in production of agrotechnical methods of high-quality corn seeds cultivation at the plots of hybridization.

Sector members invite to collaboration for creation of scientific product – conducting seed-growing of new corn hybrids.

At the moment there are a lot of corn hybrids, included in the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine, viz.: Chonhar, Azov, Arabat, Inhulskyi, Askaniia, Kakhovskyi, Skadovskyi, Syvash, Tendra, Hybrid population Naddniprianska 50.

DSC00139   The hybrids are characterized with high yield and adaptive potential, low grain moisture at the time of harvesting and fast grain moisture decrease at the ripening stage. Now the scientists of the Sector are working on development of morpho-biological and heterosis corn hybrids models for the irrigated conditions of different FAO groups with grain yields of 11-14 t/ha and adapted to energy-saving cultivation technologies. Together with Department of Agrotechnologies of the Institute elements of the varietal cultivation technologies of new hybrids are being developed. This makes possible creation of the complex product for agricultural producers – hybrid and its optimal cultivation and harvesting technology.


Industrial Crops Breeding Sector


Scientific support. Help in choosing soybean varieties, which meet soil-climate peculiarities of the region; Characteristics of the soybean varieties breeded in the Institute and included to the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine
селекціяThe agrobiological study of the primary material, searching on the effective sources and donors of resistance, development of theoretical bases of creation of high-yielding soybean varieties for the conditions of the South of Ukraine are conducted in the Sector.

Breeding work in the Sector is carried out with the goal of creation of high-yielding soybean varieties of different maturity groups with grain yields: for short-season varieties - 2.5-3.0 t/ha, for middle-early, mid-season varieties - 3.5-4.5 t/ha; with vegetation period longevity from 90 to 125 days and high contents of protein and oil.


The sources of early ripening, high grain productivity and resistance to logging, infestation by fungal, bacterial and viral diseases, to pod cracking, of high and stable content of protein and oil in seeds were accented.

The primary material, which became the basis for creation of 24 soybean varieties independently and together with other research institutions (the varieties are included in the Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine and other countries) was created.

In 2014 two soybean varieties have been registered at the State Register of Plant Varieties: Aratta, Sviatogor, in 2015 – Sofia. The variety Monarch is under the State variety-testing.

The ultra-early ripening variety Diona is determined as the  absolutely reliable forecrop for winter crops even in the Northern regions of Ukraine, and in the irrigated conditions it can be sown in after-mow and in stubby crops. The variety is considered as the national standard by the State Commission in Variety Testing.

Nowadays the most common soybean varieties are: Diona, Faeton, Danaia, Apollon.

Products sell: seeds of the breeded in the Institute soybean varieties.

Cotton-plant varieties collection. The unique work in formation and enrichment with valuable gene pool of the cotton-plant collection is held on un the Sector. Two middle-fiber cotton-plant varieties Dniprovskyi 5 and Pidozerskyi 4 were breeded and included in the State Register. These are early-ripening varieties with duration of the vegetation period about 117-130 days, high boxes ripening tempo of the first and second layers, fiber output 35-38%, which can be sown at the South of Ukraine.

Other services: We are welcome you to collaboration! We need investors for the early-ripening cotton-plant varieties  Dniprovskyi 5, Pidozerskyi 4 breeded in the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture.

соясоя соя


 Alfalfa Breeding Sector 


  • Consulting in resource-saving cultivation technologies for obtaining high-quality alfalfa seeds and forage;
  • Support with high reproductions of alfalfa seeds;
  • Approbation of the seed crops.

відділ люцерни

Main direction of the scientific researches of the Sector is creation of new high-yielding alfalfa varieties with high nitrogen-fixing capacities, smooth brome, orchard grass, crested wheatgrass with wide adaptation properties to the influence of negative climate factors of the South of Ukraine. 9 alfalfa and 6 cereal herbs varieties were created and included to the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine and they were given a status of the national state property.

Scientific researches in studying of present and creating new high-yielding alfalfa breeding material have been started in 1946 under the leadership of the famous scientists S.M. Pidozerskyi and S.O. Gladkov - Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, L.S. Gasanenko - Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Agriculture.

The first created at the Institute alfalfa varieties were Khersonska 1 (for the dry-land) and Khersonska 7 (for the irrigation). They have been zoned in 1956 and 1972.

Because of rice distribution on the South of Ukraine the need in water-logging at the rice checks and high ground water level resistant alfalfa varieties occurred. The intensive variety Khersonska 9 is characterized with these features.

lucerna1Alfalfa varieties Nadezhda and Sinska with high seed productivity of 0.79-1.14 t/ha and green mass yields of 70-85 t/ha under the irrigation were created by the scientists in 1982 and 1986.

The first alfalfa variety Unitro with high nitrogen fixation capacity, which can accumulate 0.24 t/ha of biological Nitrogen in soil, has been included in the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine in 1995. New breeding methods were developed under the leadership of O.D. Tyshchenko and L.S. Hasanenko, which promoted creation of the primary alfalfa breeding material with high capacity to accumulate root mass and high nitrogen fixation capacity. The results of work in this direction are high-productive varieties with upper-mentioned features: Veselka (1998), Serafima (2004). New alfalfa variety Zoriana has been included  in the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine in 2010. By the level of root mass and biological nitrogen in soil accumulation it surpasses the national standard of Ukraine (variety Nadezhda) 1.5 times and is different for the feature of polyphilia.

люцернаOriginal and elite seeds are grown at the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS, research farms “Kopani”, “Askaniiske” and TOV “Kolos”.

Breeding of the cereal perennial herbs has been started since 1978 under the leadership of Svyrydov O.V. Breeding work in creation of high-yielding cereal herbs varieties, which are highly adapted to the local conditions, has a great value for strengthening of the forage base. By the results of the breeding work competitive varieties of perennial cereal herbs of the Southern ecotype for hays and pastures in the conditions of the Dry Steppe Zone of Ukraine were created and included in  the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine:

Smooth brome: Tavriiskyi – intensive type, under the irrigation and high groundwater level, middle-ripening, high-yielding, salt-tolerant, for renewal of the natural grasslands.

Відділ селекції

Syvash – semi-intensive type, drought-tolerant, winter resistant, middle-ripening, for irrigated and non-irrigated agriculture.

Borozenskyi 7 – semi-intensive type, drought-tolerant, middle-ripening, for irrigated and non-irrigated agriculture.

Orchard grass: Oleshka 14 – intensive type, under the irrigation,  drought-tolerant, early-ripening, high-yielding. Ingulka 17 – semi-intensive type, early-ripening, high-yielding, drought-tolerant, suitable for cultivation in the irrigated and non-irrigated conditions.

Crested wheatgrass: Kimburn -  Intensive type, drought-tolerant, high-yielding, productive herbage longevity is 8 years, middle-ripening.

In 2014 crested wheatgrass variety Zhaivoronok has been included in the  State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine.