Department of marketing, innovations transfer and economic study


Head – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

Iryna Mykolaivna Biliaieva

The main task of the Department is to develop scientific and methodological bases and organizational tools for testing the effectiveness of completed scientific developments, introduction of new varieties and innovative technologies for growing crops in agroindustrial production with the creation of a database and scientific and consulting support in the southern region of Ukraine. The work of the Department is focused on conducting marketing research of the market infrastructure of scientific products; determining the supply and demand for intellectual property; ensuring the collection and systematization of research results in order to find potential consumers and organize the transfer of results to interested agricultural enterprises through the mechanism of conferences, seminars, round tables, competitions, exhibitions and other information and advertising events.

Main directions of scientific activity:

  • research of theoretical and methodological foundations of development of irrigated agriculture in the conditions of market transformations, globalization of the national economy, the spread and deepening of integration in agriculture and other processes of socio‑economic life of the present;
  • introduction of a marketing system in agriculture in order to increase production efficiency, promote innovative products of the Institute, increase its competitiveness in the domestic and international markets;
  • development of marketing strategy, tactics and means of innovation activities of the Institute;
  • the implementation of accounting and systematization of inventions, utility models and plant varieties;
  • formation of an innovative portfolio and a portfolio of orders of the institution;
  • research on the effectiveness of using innovative technologies for growing crops, including niche ones, in farms with different levels of technological support, size and specialization;
  • formation of innovative projects for growing niche crops on irrigated lands of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine;
  • offer business models for implementation in the system of production technology clusters of development, cultivation and sale of niche products;
  • development of scientific‑methodological recommendations to subjects of APV with the purpose of increase of efficiency of development of scientific‑innovative development of the Institute of irrigated agriculture NAAS and their scientific support and consulting services;
  • analysis of the transfer of complex technologies through the conclusion of two‑ or multi‑party agreements between individuals and legal entities of various forms of ownership in the APV with the establishment of property rights and obligations for technologies or their objects (improving the drafting of license agreements);
  • assessment of economic activity of agricultural enterprises in the irrigation zone;
  • development of scientific and methodological bases for improving the institutional support of innovative development of agricultural enterprises that conduct agriculture on irrigated lands;
  • study of theoretical and methodological aspects of the formation and implementation of an eco‑balanced model of economic development of the agricultural sector and rural territories in the irrigation zone;
  • justification of ways to improve the economic efficiency of the agricultural sector of the economy in the irrigation zone;
  • work of the Institute's scientific library;
  • issuance of Interdepartmental thematic scientific collections "Irrigated agriculture" (category B) and "Agro innovations".

Main scientific achievements:

  • developed effective mechanisms for organizing and interacting producers of high‑tech products and services, innovation infrastructure and business entities of the southern region for the effective transfer of scientific and innovative developments;
  • analysis and compilation of many years of experimental data field experiments of the Institute of irrigated agriculture NAAS, developed guidelines and procedures for their transfer to agricultural production;
  • established scientific support for the integrated system of service and information support for the subjects of the southern region's agricultural sector with feedback based on the concept of universal quality management;
  • powerful demonstration grounds have been created for testing innovative technologies for growing the most commercially attractive agricultural crops, including niche ones;
  • electronic reference books with innovative technologies for growing winter wheat, corn, soybeans, vegetable crops, potatoes and alfalfa in the conditions of global climate change in the natural and climatic conditions of the Southern Steppe zone were created;
  • created a database of innovative technologies for growing grain, technical, fodder, and vegetable crops in the conditions of irrigation in the South of Ukraine;
  • created a database on innovative technologies for growing crops using various irrigation methods;
  • developed scientific and methodological recommendations for calculating the cost standards for growing cereals, technical, vegetable crops, potatoes and alfalfa for innovative technologies and methods of irrigation.


  • calculation of economic and technological maps for growing major crops on irrigated and non‑irrigated lands;
  • calculation of the standard and actual cost of technologies, determination of the economic efficiency of growing major crops on irrigated land for innovative technologies and methods of irrigation and on non‑irrigated land;
  • creation of software and information systems for innovative technologies for growing crops;
  • scientific support and consulting services for effective farming;
  • advice on the definition of rights to objects of intellectual property;
  • assistance in preparing materials for registration of industrial property rights (inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks);
  • patent information search for materials offered for patenting;
  • registration of contracts for the creation of scientific and technical products or scientific and technical services;
  • execution of exclusive/non‑exclusive license agreements for the transfer of the right to use intellectual property objects and agreements for the assignment of the right to them;
  • the provision of other services within our competence.
Department staff:
  • Dymov Olexandr Mykolaiovych - Leading Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • Boiarkina Liubov Vadymivna - Senior Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • Piliarskyi Valerii Hennadiiovych - Senior Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • Lykhovyd Pavlo Volodymyrovych - Senior Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • Piliarska Olena Oleksandrivna - Senior Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • Rubtsov Danylo Kostiantynovych - Senior Researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • Boytsenyuk Hristina Ivanovna - Junior Researcher, Graduate student
  • Sharii Viktor Alexandrovich - Junior Researcher, Graduate student
  • Pospolitak Valentyna Valeriyivna - Specialist
  • Danilova Valeriy Sergeevna - Technician
  • Fedusenko Margarita Viktorivna - Technician