Scientific developments of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS

Register of the scientific developments of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS, which are offered for realization in the national agrobusiness

New competitive winter wheat varieties, which can provide stable yields of the high-quality grain in the dry conditions of the South Steppe Zone of Ukraine.

New winter wheat varieties surpass available in Ukraine native and foreign analogs in such parameters as yields, resistance to abiotic and biotic factors, grain quality indices. They are protected with the patents and certificates of the State registration.

The scheme of the seed material production for conditions of the South of Ukraine by using the method of two-yield crop.

Marketable potato cultivation technology at the irrigated lands of the South Steppe conditions.

Healed by using the biotechnological methods and two-yield crop methods seed material of potato.

Ecology-safe resource-conserving cultivation technologies of the seed material and marketable potato in the irrigated conditions of the South of Ukraine by using the two-yield crop method.

Corn (maize) hybrids are characterized with high adaptation ability, potential productivity about 11-16 t/ha, high resistance to common diseases and insects, high water use efficiency for better yields, high technological qualities, fast grain moisture decrease at the ripening stage. The corn (maize) seeds breeded in the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS are comparatively cheaper than foreign analogs under the equivalent quality indices.

Breeding and seed-growing of alfalfa.

The competitive soybean varieties, adapted to the irrigated conditions of the South of Ukraine, resistant to logging and infestation with grain yields 3.5-4.5 t/ha and more, proteins content 38-42%, oils content 19-22% and high technological qualities were breeded.

New tomato varieties of the industrial type with yields of 80-120 t/ha in the irrigated, and 35-40 t/ha in the non-irrigated conditions with dry matter content in fruits 7.2 and 5.6%, respectively, are created in the Institute. These varieties don’t cede the foreign analogs in yields, but surpass them in the fruits quality.

Tomato and onion cultivation technology within crop rotation: tomato-onion-winter barley at the drip irrigation.

Modern cultivation technology of the new most drought-tolerant grain sorghum varieties and hybrids, adapted to climate changes in the South Steppe Zone.

Rational methods of the irrigated soils fertility conservation and improvement in the South of Ukraine.

Tillage systems and technical means for their realization in the irrigated crop rotations with different level of the grain crops saturation.

Resource-saving technological processes of primary tillage and “direct sowing” of crops in the fruit-changing crop rotations with arable land usage index of 1.20-1.25 at the irrigation of the South Steppe of Ukraine.

Cultivation technologies of cereal, industrial, fodder crops and potato for the irrigated conditions of the South of Ukraine.