Direction of activity

Main directions of activity of the Institute of Irrigate Agriculture of NAAS of Ukraine are:

1) Theoretical rationale of the efficient nature management and soil fertility and environment conservation.

2) Working out and introduction of new systems of irrigated and non-irrigated agriculture, adapted to drought conditions of the Zone.

3) Improvement and wide production mastering of the modern crops cultivation technologies, directed on the productivity increase and the maximum use of the bioclimatic Zone potential and genetically determined facilities of the varieties and hybrids. 

4) Creation and distribution of the high-productive competitive varieties and hybrids of winter wheat, corn (maize), soybean, alfalfa and tomato in the Steppe Zone.

5) Setting up the organizational and economic mechanisms of management at the irrigated lands and its adaptation to social-oriented market relations.

6) Scientifically proved conduction of the primary and elite seed-growing of the zoned varieties of cereal, leguminous, fodder, vegetable, industrial crops, perennial herbs and potato designed to provision of the producers with high-quality seed material and coordination of seed-growing work to facilitate fast renewal and change of the varieties in the farms of Kherson region.

7) Studying and training of the agricultural specialists.

8) Information and consulting support of the regional producers.