History of the Institute

History of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS

The history of the Institute begins with creation of the Kherson zemsky experimental field, which was organized on the base of Kherson agricultural college experimental farm in 1889. The activity of the “great-grandfather” of the Institute was in the observation of soil changes in conditions of used crop rotations, testing new varieties of crops for the South of Ukraine, etc.

After working out the methodology of the experimental work, systematization and generalization of the first results of investigations, the experimental field was reorganized into the Kherson Agricultural Research Station in 1910. During the first decades of work the researchers had realized, that the South of Ukraine can lose all the perspectives without irrigation. Since 1924 the Department of Irrigated Crops had appeared at the Research Station. The Department was focused on a scientific work in the questions of irrigated agriculture.

A cotton-plant was being actively introduced in the South of the USSR at that time. The areas under the cotton-plant increased from year to year. In 1931 at the basis of the Kherson Agricultural Research Station the Kherson Research Station of Cotton-plant had been organized, in 1935 – Ukrainian Research Station of Cotton-plant Science. And in 1949 the establishment had got the status of the Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Irrigated Agriculture.

Because of cotton-plant growing cessation in “new regions” and building of the large irrigation systems in the South of Ukraine, there was a need for organization of the Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Irrigated Agriculture at the basis of the UkrSRI of Cotton-plant Science. Since that time the priority vector of the Institute investigations is irrigated agriculture. The period of directorate of Correspondent Member of the Southern Department of “All-Soviet Academy of Agricultural Sciences named by Lenin” Olexander Olexiyovych Sobko (1963-1979) is considered as a period of prosperity of the Institute. The establishment has got the All-Soviet value. There was an active exchange of experience with foreign scientists. The developments of the Institute promoted the growth of agriculture in the Nothern Africa, in the Middle East and in the Southern America.

The establishment has got status of the Institute of Agriculture of Southern Region of UAAS since 2000.

The historical name has been returned to it in 2011 – the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS.

Important role in formation of the main research directions of the Institute, scientific specialists training was played by the outstanding scientists and organizers of agricultural production — directors: Tarkhov K.I.      (1889-1898), Yanovchyk F.B. (1898-1914), Kudinov M.P. (1914-1924), Pidgornyi P.I. (1924-1931), Velizhev V.I. (1931-1934), Taran V.H.         (1934-1936), Shchelokov P.I. (1936-1937), Kuzko F.S. (1937-1950), Bilous A.H. (1950-1963), Sobko P.O. (1963-1979), Ostapov V.I. (1979-1988), Pysarenko V.A. (1988-1998), Hamaiunova V.V. (1998-1999), Snihovyi V.S.   (1999-2004), Zhuikov H.Ye.(2004-2006), Nikishenko V.L. (2006-2010), Vozhehova R.A. (since 2010).

Level, volumes and importance of the developments allowed to create scientific schools in the questions of:

"Soil fertility and efficient fertilizers use" - Filipiev I.D., Hamaiunova V.V.

"Irrigation Regimes of Crops" - Pysarenko V.A.

"Melioration of Irrigated Lands"- Laktionov B.I.

"Winter Wheat Breeding and Genetics" - Orliuk A.P.

"Corn Breeding and Genetics" – Lavrynenko Yu.O.

At the moment specialists of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS are taking part in conduction of 15 science-technical programmes of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, and the Institute is functioning as the Scientific Support Center of Agricultural Production of Kherson Region.