Laboratory of Analytical Studies


Shkoda O.Head - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences,
Shkoda Olena Anatoliivna 

Laboratory staff:

Kuts Halyna Markivna       Leading researcher, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Stepanova Iryna Mykolaivna 

Senior Research Officer, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Husieva Liudmyla Hryhorivna  Analytical laboratory assistant
Skora Olena Ivanivna Analytical laboratory assistant
Shevchuk Mariia Yevhenivna  Analytical technician 
The Laboratory was founded in 1969. The main goal of the researches is testing of chemical and microbiological soil composition, grain technological quality, chemical composition of the plant products.
 The Laboratory workers hold on a wide range of analyses with accordance to the Attestation Certificate No. RC-0092/2009 dated 20th of August, 2009, and have rights on carrying out measurements in the sphere of spreading the State meteorological observation under the environmental status control and works in the life protection and citizens’ health securement.        


Together with Breeding Department work on the creation of new crops varieties and hybrids is carried out.


Agrochemical soil analysis: nitrate nitrogen content, mobile phosphorus and exchangeable potassium content, humus, nitrification capacity, organic matter content, salt composition of water and soil pH.

Microbiological composition of soil: ammonifying, oligonitrophilic, denitrifying, nitrifying, cellulose-decomposing bacteria.

Лабораторія аналітичних досліджень
Biochemical composition of forages, vegetables, potato, grain, crops seeds: proteins content, fats content, ash content, dry matter content, cellulose content, nitrates content, digestible protein content, fodder units content, total sugars content, carotene content, starch content, vitamin C content, phosphorus content, potassium content, pH.

Technological analyses of wheat, rice, millet, barley grain: moisture, content of impurities, bulk density, crude fiber content, baking quality of flour, vitreousity.

You will also get in the Laboratory:

Лабораторія аналітичних досліджень

1. Guidance on collecting soil, water, agricultural products samples for analysis;

Лабораторія аналітичних досліджень

2. Recommendations on the fertilizers use under the crops.






Лабораторія аналітичних досліджень