State Enterprise “Research Farm “Kahovske” of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine”

Director - Protsenko Volodymyr Viktorovych

Проценко Володимир Вікторович

History of the Research Farm begins on the 5th of September, 1931.

By the Government Order at the basis of the collective farm “Kommunar” the soviet farm “Kahovskyi 2” has been established. Its territory was dedicated to the immigrants from the Middle East.

Since 1960 growing and sale of the high-quality seeds of cereal and industrial crops, mixed agriculture, pigs breeding of Ukrainska stepova bila, assistance in the plant science has been conducted there.

ДПДГ "Каховське" ІЗЗ НААН

There are now in usage: 7237.8 ha, including 6791.2 ha of the arable land and 2405 ha of the irrigated land.

Kahovske 2Main directions of activity: Development and application of new, drought-adapted systems of agriculture, theoretical grounding of the rational and ecology-safe environmental use, soils fertility perseverance and environmental protection; development and working out of the modern cultivation technologies of crops, directed to productivity increase and the maximum climatic potential use; creation of the high-productive competitive varieties of cereal and industrial crops; creation of the organization and economic farming way at the irrigated lands and its adaptation to the social-oriented market relations; scientifically based conduction of the primary and elite seed-growing of the registered and perspective varieties of cereal, industrial crops, perennial  and annual herbs; support of producers with certified seed material; application of the scientific achievements and developments in agricultural production. Together with plant science work on the animal husbandry is carrying out at the Farm. The Farm is breeding pigs of Ukrainska stepova bila. 


ДПДГ "Каховське" ІЗЗ НААНThe Farm is looking forward to application of the scientific achievements in production, modern technique use.

ДПДГ "Каховське" ІЗЗ НААН

The Farm sale:

Winter wheat

Blahodarka Odeska

І reproduction

Lastivka Odeska

І reproduction

Zagrava Odeska

І reproduction


І reproduction


Protsenko Volodymyr Viktorovych, Director

74830, vil. Kamianka, Radianska Street, 26, Kahovskyi district of the Kherson region

Telephone: (0236) 94-4-40

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