State Establishment «Mykolaivska State Agricultural Research Station» of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Main directions of activity:

- working out the priorities of further agricultural production sphere of the region at the base of new organizational structure of agricultural production based on the private property

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 on land and other production means;

- researches and developments in the field of natural sciences; agriculture and agroecology;

- breeding and seed-growing of cereal, oil, industrial and vegetable crops (increasing the areas and volumes of the elite seeds);

- creation and handing over to the State variety-testing the varieties of forage herbs;

- agroecological monitoring at the base of the long-term stationary trials;

- development, application and improvement of existing energy-saving cultivation technologies of cereal, oil crops in the Steppe Zone;

- development of the ecologically safe land-use models and agroecology models, which should provide prevention of soil deterioration, increase of agroecosystems productivity;

- development of the perspective forage production and usage technologies based on the high-productive varieties and hybrids of forage and fodder crops, their cultivation technologies, increase of pasture areas, new technological methods of forage storage and provision;

- working out appropriate ways of the irrigated lands usage under the reforms;

- animal husbandry – revive of the cattle and pigs, foundation of breeding centers and farms.


Total area: 656.09 ha; including arable land – 539.7 ha, other lands – 116.39 ha.

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The Institution sales varieties and hybrids of the major crops:

Winter wheat



Mudrist Odeska


Winter barley




Postal address: 57217, vil. Polihon, Tsentralna Street, 25, Zhovtnevyi district of the Mykolaiv region

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