Plant varieties

Institute of Irrigated Agriculture is the only one scientific establishment in Ukraine, which creates intensive varieties and hybrids of crops in the irrigated conditions.

Register of plant varieties

  1. winter wheat
  2. soybean
  3. alfalfa
  4. potato
  5. tomato
  6. cereal herbs
  7. maize (corn)
  8. cotton-plant

More than 50 varieties and hybrids of crops breeded in the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture were entered in the State Register of varieties of Ukraine in 2019. More than 30 varieties are being tested under the State variety testing.

We provide high-quality seeds from nursery and elite seeds of the cereal and vegetable crops, potato and perennial herbs. 

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The variety is one of the most important factors of the agricultural production growth. The scientific investigations established that at the expense of crops breeding, meaning creation and introduction of  the new varieties and hybrids, yields of some crops are increased by 50% and even more.

The undeniable fact is that rise of the total crop production at the expense of varieties and hybrids can take place when these powerful “biological machines” are working, that means cultivation at the large areas. The efficiency of breeding science achievements depends on the seed science. This branch of science operating with its methods and principles should promptly implement the changes and renewal of varieties. To perform the upper-mentioned seed science subjects in time and scientifically based, the specialists of the agricultural production complex should have the information on the plants varieties resources. With this purpose The catalogue of  varieties and hybrids of crops breeded in the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture was designed by its research fellows.