We sell certified seeds of the cereal crops under the yield of 2020

The Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS offers to producers:

1. Healed high-quality potato seed material of the highest reproductions, adapted to conditions of the South of Ukraine and suitable for double-yield crop. The seed material was created by using the biotechnological methods of active plants healing from virus infection at the stage of obtaining the primary material, and double-yield crop method in further reproduction.

2. Accelerated reproduction of the original, suitable for double-yield crop potato varieties.

3. The primary non-infested seed material (plants in vitro, microtubers, minitubers).

4. Cultivation technology of the seed and marketable potato with  double-yield crop method.

5. Consultative services (work experience in this field is more than 30 years).

Material of the summer planting produced by the Laboratory of Potato Biotechnology of the Institute differs with productivity and quality indices. The material is quite free from quarantine diseases and insects (potato wart, wet rot, black stalk, nematodes). Using the double-yield crop method seed material of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS keeps on high productivity during 4-5 years.

The farms with experience and material basis are welcome to collaboration in reproduction of the seed material to 2-4 reproduction.

Additional information can be got by the telephones: (0552) 361-118, (050) 98-31-371