Scientific library

Head — Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Piliarska Olena Oleksandrivna

Science-technical library of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS was founded in 1889 at the basis of the leading scientific-research institution of the South ogf Ukraine.

The library fund is multidisciplinary, with literature on Agricultural Production, Plant Science, Agriculture, Agricultural Melioration, Soil Science, Forage Production, Vegetable Growing and other agricultural branches of science.

There are more than 133000 copies in the fund, which contains books, scientific works collections, methodological recommendations, dissertations, periodical issues, manuscripts and electronic materials of the native and foreign publishers. You may get acquainted with new literature at the continuously working exhibitions: “New Books”, “New Periodicals”, “Scientific Works of the Institute Workers”, “Agrarian Science to Production”, “Help to the Specialists”.

Not only common issues are represented at the Library. There are rare issues of the past historical periods and significant stages in the history of our and other countries. Especially valuable books with little issues of the pre-revolution period, period of the Ukrainian Revolution 1917-1920, pre-war period 1921-1941, period of German occupation and reconstruction (1941-1948) are represented there. There are issues connected with names of the famous agrarian scientists, which have made significant input in developments of science.

Electronic Library.

The integrative bibliography system “IRBIS” is applied in the Library. The system meets international requirements to the modern librarian systems and maintains all the librarian traditions. Electronic catalog is an integral part of the Library. It is an analogue of the printed one, but with more capacities to search.

The source of the database accession is introduction of new revenues (books, analytical description of articles and periodicals, scientific works collections, authors’ abstracts).

Information services.

The directory of catalogs and cards, which are in the reading-room of the library, provides access to the librarian fund:

- Alphabetical catalog (for readers)

- Systematical catalog (for readers)

- Electronic catalog

System of the catalogs contains:

- Catalog of periodicals

- Catalog of  scientific works of the Institute workers (including dissertations and  authors’ abstracts)

-  Alphabetical catalog of foreign literature

Card catalogs:

- Systematical card catalog of articles

-  Card catalog by the local knowledge

- Card catalog by the subject

You can use electronic catalog at the reading-room.

Ask librarians for help using catalogs and card catalogs (both traditional and electronic). They will give you all the necessary information.

Thesis Collection of the International Science-Practical Conference of Young Scientists “Innovations of Youth to Modern Agriculture” held on 29th of April, 2016.