Journal “Irrigated Agriculture”

Journal “Irrigated Agriculture” 

Inter-departmental scientific Journal “Irrigated Agriculture” is a specialized scientific issue. It is published according to decision of the Presidium of UAAS (protocol No. 2) dated 27 January, 2000. The Certificate of State Registration of the printed media has been got on 21st of December, 2015, serial No. KB 21830-11730PR. The Journal is included to the list of scientific specialized issues in Agricultural Sciences with accordance to the Order of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine since 7th of October, 2015 No. 1021. The Journal has successfully passed the examination.

The Journal is a biannual one (issued in March and October).


R. Vozhehova


Yu. Lavrynenko

(first deputy editor-in-chief)

M. Maliarchuk

(deputy editor-in-chief)

I. Bidnyna

(executive secretary)

V. Melikhov (Russia)

А. Zaryshniak

M. Romashchenko

M. Lazarіev (Russia)

М. Lytvynenko

L. Shymanskyi (Belarus)

V. Ushkarenko

S. Petshak (Poland)

V. Bazalìі

S. Denchych (Serbia)

B. Dziubetskіi

A. Hašhymov (Azerbaijan)

S. Holoborodko

M. Kozachenko

S. Kokovikhin

L. Hranovska

V. Hanhanov

A. Morozov

A. Vlashchuk

S. Zaiets

A. Kovalenko

Yu. Liuta

I. Biliaeva

A. Dymov

G. Balashova

P. Pysarenko

E. Piliarska

The results of theoretical and practical scientific studies are published in the Journal. The Scope of the Journal covers such topics as: agricultural systems and their elements, tillage, fertilizers use, irrigation water use efficiency, soil properties, forage and fodder production, cultivation technologies of different crops, plant breeding, especially for irrigated conditions, etc.

The target auditory is scientists, post-graduate students and specialists of agricultural production sector.

You can look through the Instructions to Authors here.

Inter-departmental scientific Journal “Irrigated Agriculture” publish only the papers of the upper-mentioned subject areas. Responsibility for information authenticity is laid upon the authors.