Young Scientists Council

The Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the NAAS established and operates a Council of Young Scientists, consisting of 29 people: 22 persons from the Institute and 7 from the Askani State DDSS of the NAAS. The Council is chaired by Boris Kotov, a junior researcher at the Department of biotechnology, vegetable crops and potato. The council consists of 5 candidates of agricultural sciences. Sciences; 24 non-academic students, 9 of whom are postgraduate students and 15 have already completed their studies and are preparing for the defense.

Head of the Council:
  Kotov Boris Sergeevich
The Organizing Committee of the Council:
  Olena A. Pilarskaya (Secretary),
  Zabara Pavlo Petrovich,
  Dmitriy Bulygin

The Asset of the Board works in 3 directions:

Scientific work (conferences, meetings, symposia, round tables, field days, thematic exhibitions, etc.). Responsible persons: Pilarskaya OO, Likhovid PV
Cultural work (conducting excursions, greetings, sports competitions, festive concerts, etc.). Responsibilities: Fundirat KS, Zabara PP
Production activities (repair work on the basis of "Naukovets" rest, organization and carrying out of subbotniks, planting of trees, shrubs, etc.). Responsibilities: Bulygin DO, Luzhansky IY, Rubtsov DK
The Young Scientists Council of the NAAS provides protection of the rights and interests of higher education applicants in accordance with their authority and responsibilities.

The main results of the Young Scientists' Council can be found here.